Dive into Luxury and Fragrance with Acque di Italia Incendium Body Wash!

Step into a world of pure indulgence with ACQUE di ITALIA BODY WASH - a shower gel infused with softness and infused with an enchanting scent. This body wash is not just a cleansing product; it is an experience that awakens your senses and refreshes your skin with a gentle touch.

Gentle Care for your Skin
This body wash has a soft and delicate texture, designed to gently cleanses the skin, with full respect for the hydrolipidic layer. Based on a formula of delicate cleansers, it is the perfect companion even for the driest and most sensitive skin types. It restores the natural balance and leaves your skin soft and hydrated.

Easy to Use, Great in Results
How do you use it? Simply apply to damp skin and massage gently. Enjoy the luscious lather and rinse thoroughly. The delicate surfactants are of natural origin, so you not only clean your skin, but also respect nature.

Scented Journey under the Shower
Discover the fascinating world of Acque di Italia Incendium Body Wash and be enchanted by the intriguing scent of clove, orange blossom, pepper, chestnut, juniper berry, coffee, labdanum, benzoin and guaiac wood. This luxurious body wash not only offers a refreshing cleanse but also a lush scent experience, transforming your shower routine into an ultimate pampering moment.

Stimulates your Senses, Refreshes your Skin
Let stimulating your senses with the spicy and spicy notes of clove, pepper and juniper berry, which add an intriguing dimension to the scent. The enchanting scent of orange blossom adds a touch of sweetness and florality, while chestnut and coffee provide a warm and earthy aroma that awakens your senses.

The labdanum, benzoin and guaiac wood create a deep and mysterious base for the scent, creating an enchanting and intriguing effect. The combination of these ingredients provides an unforgettable fragrance experience that you will carry with you all day long.

Rich Formula, Luxurious Experience
The Incendium Body Wash gently cleanses your skin and leaves her wonderfully scented and refreshed. The rich and creamy formula provides a luxurious foaming experience and rinses off easily, without leaving a dry or tight feeling.

Add Luxury to your Shower Routine
Add Add the Incendium Body Wash to your daily shower routine and enjoy the harmony of spicy notes, floral accents and warm woody aromas. Let the enchanting scent envelop you as you enjoy the refreshing cleansing.

Order the Incendium Body Wash from Acque di Italia now and treat yourself to a lush and fragrant shower experience. Experience the powerful scent and refreshing cleansing for an ultimate pampering moment in the shower. Transform your daily routine into a scented adventure of luxury!